Li3Re Art Development

We curate, preserve and promote Art

Li3Re is an art network of professionals organized autonomously in a decentralized form


Cultural promotion is at the core of our values

Our main goal is to promote and diffuse art everywhere. Art is a vehicle capable of entering any social class.It is a symbol of sensitivityin the smartphone era, it is necessary to utilize technology as a vessel for culture.

Thanks to the blockchain system and the possibility of decentralizing activities, the art market is thriving. Art galleries,  auction houses and art dealers are embracing new technologies and new ways to produce and consume culture. Art is one of the markets that has continued to rise even during the covid19 pandemic. 


We Are The Bridge Between Traditional Art and Digital Art

We promote decentralization, cryptocurrency, the use of NFT contracts creating a bridge and cohesion between real and digital world, from physical to digital, through the augmented reality. We innovate the processes of promotion, curating, sale, protecting artists and collectors.

Being able to acquire an artwork with crypto currency, registering the ownership with NFT and being able to personally follow the transaction, is the way in which the real and virtual world are connected and interlinked in a new dicotomy.

Cultural Promotion

Art Exhibitions, Curatorship, Art Space Development.

Artists and collectors protection

Supply of intellectual services.

Development of alternative bureaucracies

"DAO" Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Promotion and cohesion between art and blockchain

NFT contracts, OPENsea Curated Galleries.


A way to introduce art to younger generations

Our goal is to utilize new instruments and technologies (smartphones, social media, AR tools) bringing the interactivity to the fruition of culture. We use digital artworks and social networks to reach younger generations directly. 

We curate traditional exhibits, collaborating with art historians and auction houses, we treat all kind of traditional art, from paintings to performance art.

We utilize Augmented Reality technologies to interact with art. Developing new ways to consume and perceive artworks.

An Artwork connected to the blockchain is the latest artistic avant-garde in the digital world. It has a big role in the spreading and accessibility from new audiences. 

We produce, develop and collect NFT artworks. 


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